MMP Architects Inc. Est. 1936
"We Ensure Client Success"

In 1936, Herbert Moody and Robert Moore formed an architectural practice that saw their reputations quickly grow as talented young designers, attracting the likes of the Hudson’s Bay Company early in their careers. Today, the firm’s portfolio reflects this incredibly rich heritage, and continues to push the envelope of contemporary design.

Now in its 5th generation of leadership by architects Robert Wrublowsky and Christopher Daly, the firm, known as MMP Architects, is focused on delivering aesthetically delightful projects through a unique, flexible service delivery model. MMP is often consulted in pre-design work to establish project options and parameters, feasibility studies, advocacy work, and other client confidence-building assignments in order to assess project viability from design phase to long-term financial return on investment.

With a collection of top talent (Prix de Rome Gold Award winner and nominees) dedicated to providing excellence in project delivery, the firm prides itself on being able to produce quality projects where others may not.

With a history dating back nearly 80 years, the MMP leadership understands the value of investing in staff, and strongly believes that the core success of the firm is due to their team approach on all assignments. On each project, an experienced team leader provides guidance to a team of interns, and design and technical specialists through each phase. This approach ensures the flexibility, communication and support vital to each and every project that comes through the office.

A good portion of our current and upcoming assignments include exploring the effects of culture change in long-term care facilities, and providing research for creating healthy environments for the aging with a special focus on architectural responses to Alzheimer disease.

Outside of our extensive folio of current healthcare assignments, we are also engaged in the design of several high rises, supportive housing, education, campus planning, and religious architecture projects, in addition to feasibility and business plan studies.

Our current success builds on a legacy of design excellence, and continues thanks to healthy investment in staff who are dedicated to fostering successful projects on behalf of clients.