Springfield Place, Oakbank MB

Springfield Place, located in Oakbank Manitoba, is MMP’s most recently completed senior’s housing development. The project consists of a 26,000 square foot new building which houses 12 assisted living* suites and 12 supportive housing** units. Through the joint effort between Manitoba Housing, the R.M. of Springfield, the Interlake Eastern Regional Health Authority and the Oakbank-Springfield Kinsmen Seniors Complex Inc. Board of Directors, Springfield Place is able to help meet the needs of the community’s fast growing senior’s population.

Key aspects of the Springfield Place design include full landscape works, a commercial kitchen capable of providing meal services three times a day, and two multipurpose rooms. In addition, each wing includes a solarium space and exterior patios for residents. All supportive units have been designed to exceed accessibility standards for both the suite washrooms and kitchens.

The building incorporates both passive and active sustainable systems. These environmentally responsible project additions include geothermal heating and cooling, power smart compliant lighting, and energy efficient insulation and windows in the wall and roof assemblies.

For more information about Springfield Place, please visit their website. For more information about seniors housing categories, please see below. If you have further questions about implementing a senior’s housing project in your community, please contact MMP principal architect Robert Wrublowsky, who is a level-three EDAC practitioner, and is paving the way for implementation of new seniors housing standards throughout the province of Manitoba.

Springfield Place Project Team
Project Architect: Robert Wrublowsky
Senior Designer: Rex Salanguit
Senior Technician: Neil Laurel
Millwork: Bill Macdonald


*Assisted Living
An assisted living model is more closely aligned with a seniors 55 plus condominium residence than a supportive housing prototype. A typical resident of an assisted living project is fairly mobile and still independent. Assisted living projects provide seniors with affordable lifestyle while providing opportunity for housekeeping and meal services; they may also receive in home care for other needed services.

**Supportive Housing
Supportive Housing models are a form of seniors housing that is most common among individuals that are beginning to have mobility challenges, and are somewhat independent most of the time, however require access to 24/7 supervision by a care giver. Often these individuals are not cognitively impaired, but they may experience slight bouts of dementia or confusion. Individuals living in a supportive housing project are typically independent enough to not qualify for a personal care seniors’ home. They may barely be a candidate for a level 1 rating under PCH guidelines.