The Chelsea Jewish Foundation

Last month, principal architect Robert Wrublowsky toured the Leonard Florence Centre for Living, owned by the Chelsea Jewish Foundation, in Massachusetts as part of his research on elderly care. “Rooted in the Jewish tradition but welcoming of all faiths and backgrounds, the Chelsea Jewish Foundation consistently provides high-quality, compassionate care, while focusing on the development of innovative programs and services that enable individuals to live as independently as possible.”

The Chelsea Jewish Foundation provides care to over 800 individuals daily throughout Chelsea and Peabody, MA, and employs over 1000 staff members. Services of the organization include short-term residences, traditional and specialized assisted living options, memory care, independent living, adult day health, geriatric care management, home care, personal care, and hospice agencies

The Leonard Florence Center for Living is the first urban model Green House® skilled nursing residence in the United States. This long-term care model offers a “home-like” environment by clustering residents into smaller units of 10-12 individuals within cottage-like residences, and assigning staff to these particular Green Houses. The Green House model’s architecture focuses on three main areas that help to create a home-like feel:

  • Warm décor, furnishings and interior design that fosters serenity and socialization
  • Smart advanced technologies to improve independence and care
  • Green harmony and balance of internal and external environments, showcasing the importance of ample sunlight and greenery in the residences.

The Green House model is being utilized in MMP’s Bridgwater Personal Care Home design. Future blog posts and public announcements will delve deeper into the work that Robert Wrublowsky has been doing towards changing senior care standards throughout Manitoba.

We are happy to announce that a generous donation was made by MMP Architects to the Chelsea Jewish Foundation, who is one of the largest senior living non-profits in the New England region, and is redefining senior care throughout North America.


For more information about the Chelsea Jewish Foundation and their urban model Green House please visit their website here: