Community Primary Care Centre - Steinbach

Earlier today a press release was issued announcing the Community Primary Care Wellness Centre, a joint effort project between the Bethesda Foundation, Bethesda Wellness Incorporated, Steinbach Family Medical and Southern Health-Santé Sud. The intention of the new facility, to be located in Steinbach, is to improve access to primary care for Manitobans living in the South Eastman region.

Acting as primary consultant, MMP has designed a 29,447 square foot building which will provide an integrated and collaborative healthcare system through the wide variety of disciplines that will be co-located in one facility. The Community Primary Care Wellness Centre follows the “Access Centre” model that has been used throughout Winnipeg, a one stop shop for primary health.

The Community Primary Care Wellness Centre will move to tender phase shortly, and has an anticipated opening date of August 2017.

Community Primary Care Centre Team
Project Architect: Robert Wrublowsky
Lead Designer: Kristin Szuminsky
Architectural Intern: Aaron Simoes
Interior Designer: Kristin Reischek
Senior Technician: Neil Laurel

Please see the gallery above for a rendering of the proposed building exterior.