Bethesda Primary Care Centre: Project Update

MMP’s integrated and collaborative healthcare project, Bethesda Primary Care Centre is well underway in Steinbach, Manitoba. At the end of September, a group of 30 University of Manitoba architecture students had the opportunity to visit the 29,447 sf new building as part of their fourth year construction course. Intern Architect and Contract Administrator, Kristin Szuminsky toured the hard hat and steel toe clad students around the construction site and answered questions ranging from what it’s like managing a multi-tenant building, to how integrating various systems into a project of this scale works, to what it’s like to be a woman on the job site.

Special thanks to Kristin for taking the time out of her day to lead an informative tour. Thanks also to U of M instructor Jac Comeau for coordinating the class tour, and to the students for their interest in the construction process and for providing us with photos from the day.

Bethesda Primary Care Centre Team
Project Architect: Robert Wrublowsky
Lead Designer: Kristin Szuminsky
Architectural Intern: Aaron Simoes
Interior Designer: Kristin Reischek
Senior Technician: Neil Laurel