Saint Philip Minh Site Tour

MMP is currently in the construction stage, acting as primary consultant, for the addition and renovation of Saint Philip Minh Church. Upon completion of this phase of the project, the Church's existing 7800sf courtyard will have been converted into a 500 person worship space. For more information about about the project please see this previous blog post.

On March 28, and April 4, twelve MMP staff had the opportunity to visit the construction site at 615 Lafleche Street in Saint Boniface. Intern Architect and Contract Administrator, Aaron Simoes showed staff around the site pointing out specific details, project intentions, and construction issues and solutions. With the congregation anticipating use of their new worship space in summer 2017, the tour provided an excellent behind-the scenes look at the construction stage of the Saint Philip Minh project.

Saint Philip Minh Church Project Team
Principal Architect: Robert Wrublowsky
Managing Architect: Marty Kuilman
Intern Architect and Contract Administration: Aaron Simoes
Interior Designer: Heather Wallis
Senior Technician: Neil Laurel