University of Manitoba Day Care Addition Site Tour

MMP is currently in the construction stage, acting as primary consultant, for the University of Manitoba’s Day Care expansion project. The addition, a space to accommodate 74 additional children, was needed to ensure the high demand for child care at the Fort Garry Campus could be met.

On Monday August 20, 2108, MMP staff had the opportunity to visit the new 6,800 square foot addition at the University’s Fort Garry campus. MMP Architect and Contract administrator, Kristin Szuminsky showed staff around the construction site pointing out interesting details, construction issues and solutions, and sustainability features throughout the project. With an anticipated project completion this fall, the site tour provided an excellent behind-the-scenes look and learning opportunity for all who attended.

Special thanks to Kristin for the tour and access to what will soon be a bright and welcoming space for 74 lucky children. Please see above for a few tour photos and stay tuned for final photos this fall.

University of Manitoba Day Care Project Team
Project Architect: Chris Daly
Director of Design: Russell Krepart
Managing Architect: Marty Kuilman
Contract Administration: Kristin Szuminsky
Lead Interior Designer: Jessica Kost
Senior Technician: Tam Nguyen

Access Saint Boniface: Complete!

The Saint Boniface Access Centre is a hub of support for the surrounding Saint Boniface community. Acting as primary consultant, MMP recently completed Winnipeg’s newest health access centre, Access Saint Boniface in the spring of 2016. Located at the corner of Goulet and Kenny, the new centre improves access to bilingual health and community services for all Winnipegers. The Saint Boniface Access Centre builds on the concept of the Bilingual Service Centre; all users will have the option of service in French or English throughout their visit.

The Saint Boniface Access Centre houses Centre de Santé Saint-Boniface, a staple in health services in St. Boniface, alongside several other health and community organizations. Programs and services offered at the centre include primary health, mental health, disAbility, and home care. As different services are housed on different floors, each floor features a distinct accent colour to remind visitors where they are in the space and assist with wayfinding. Careful interior and architectural design features of this new building include convenient access to bus routes, covered parking, ample corridors and signage integrated into the design of the space. Together these factors contribute to a welcoming environment for all.

Please see above for a few photos of Access Saint Boniface.
Also, click here for a recently published piece in the french publication, La Liberte on the opening of the Saint Boniface Access Centre.


Access Saint Boniface Project Team
Project Architect: Chris Daly
Intern Architect and Contract Administration: Kristin Szuminsky
Lead Interior Designer: Hailey Connor
Senior Technician: Neil Laurel
Interior Graphics: Dayna Kroeker

Peg City Car Co-op

MMP Architects is a proud member of Peg City Car Co-op, a car-share program which gives users access to a fleet of 22 vehicles in central Winnipeg. By joining the Co-op, employees of our firm who would otherwise have had to drive to work in order to attend meetings and site visits offsite can now continue to bike, walk, bus, or carpool to and from work while still having access to a vehicle during the day. Being a part of the car-share is an easy way for our firm to continue to provide sustainable transportation options for our employees, while also saving staff money by not needing to own a vehicle for work, and saving on exchange district parking fees.

To join the car-share, our firm bought a $500 refundable share, and added interested staff members to the plan for a small fee per person. One of the benefits of the plan is that members pay per usage (on an hourly/km basis), so if there is a month where none of our employees use a Peg City Car Co-op car, we don’t pay anything. An added value of the service is that it makes billing mileage for projects extremely easy, as km are digitally tracked and billed on a trip by trip basis by member. This means less work for our accounting team, as they can see notes made by employees on the system and bill accurate mileage for projects.

If you haven’t heard of Peg City Car Co-op I would highly advise checking them out here. Also, see above for a shot taken of one of the Peg City cars after a photo shoot at MMP’s recently completed, Access Saint Boniface (stay tuned for those photos coming to the blog soon).