Robert Wrublowsky, Principal Architect

Robert (Bob) has been practicing architecture for 24 years, and is currently a Principal Partner at MMP Architects. As Senior partner Robert is responsible for corporate culture and procurement of new clients and projects. The firm is structured around Robert's philosophy to empower staff to succeed in new challenges. Over the course of his career Robert has specialized in environments for aging populations including specialty housing, personal care, adult PRIME centres, and special needs units addressing individuals with different forms of neurocognitive disorders.

HippoFM is a rapidly growing software technology company that provides Maintenance Management solutions for clients and customers looking at reducing the operating costs of building maintenance and operations. Robert designed and developed the software 10 years ago with the aim of providing his clients with a friendly GUI supporting their building operational challenges. Today the company is a stand alone entity rapidly penetrating the building maintenance and operations industry, boasting over 5000 users of the software throughout North America and Europe.


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