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Chris Daly, Principal Architect

Chris Daly is currently a Principal Partner with MMP Architects and possesses 20 years of industry experience. As principal-in-charge, Chris oversees all aspects of the design process, including scheduling, quality control, and client & consultant communication. Throughout his 10+ years of experience at MMP, Chris has been principal-in-charge for a number of projects in a variety of sectors including Waskwatim Hydro Dam Workers Camp (43M), East Beaches Wellness Centre (18M), HSC Pediatric Ophthalmology, and Learning and Growing Daycare (1.0M).

Chris is a LEED® accredited professional who recognizes the significance of being environmentally responsible, while maintaining the importance of occupant comfort in the built environment. Chris strongly believes that everyone’s health and comfort will benefit from the use of green tools regardless of the user or project. Regardless of a client’s desire to pursue LEED® certification MMP has the knowledge and ability to ensure sustainable design.


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