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List of Projects

  • AD Williams Studio and Garage
  • Assiniboine Community College
  • Beaverlodge Daycare
  • Brandon Fire College
  • Bright Beginings Centre
  • Fishing Lake School
  • Fort Gary Child Care Centre
  • Funshine Child Care Centre
  • Garderie de Bambins Daycare
  • Growing Minds- Niverville Daycare Centre
  • Harry Medovy
         House Space Conversion
  • Herzing Community College
  • HSC Daycare at Lennox Bell Lodge
  • Immanuael Christian School
  • Kelsey School Divison
         Margaret Barbour Collegiate
         Pool wall Reconstruction
         Wheelcahir access study and construction
  • Laurier School
  • Learning and Growing Daycare
  • Marymound
         Life Safety
         Marymound Thompson
         NHC Daycare
  • O of M Building Assesment
  • OCN SchoolPollock Beauty School
  • Powerview school
  • Providence College
  • R.B. Russell School
  • Russell Architectural Theming study
  • SCN Teacherages
  • St. Emile School
  • St. Theresa Building Analysis Temporary Classroom
  • Steinbach Christain School
         Phase 2 project
  • Sterling School
  • University of Manitoba
         Agriculture Sciences Building Assessment
         Interior renovations- Library lounge
         Students Union - 3rd floor
         Tax Assessment
  • University of Winnipeg
  • Victoria General Hospital Classrooms
  • Waterhen School Renovation
  • Way Way School
  • Wild Strawberry
  • Winnipeg River Learning Centre
  • Winnipeg Technical College
         Teaching Kitchen