MMP Architects continues to provide strong leadership in healthcare projects. This comes with a heavy investment in research to elevate our understanding between the connection of caregiver and receiver. We believe that with a better knowledge of what the medical process involves, we can make better informed decisions, and in turn, create healthier environments for our patients and residents in long term care facilities. Typically architects continue to provide the same solutions because, “that’s the way it’s been done in the past.” This is where MMP pushes the envelope to introduce purposeful discussion providing better patient outcomes. We believe that when designing healing environments that the vast quantities of research in Nosocomial (HAI's), color psychology, medication error reduction, staff restorative facilities, decentralization, and efficiencies of ward layouts to reduce travel times all (to mention a few) all need to find their way into discussions of a client’s project.

Healthcare design has continued to evolve as new models of practice become adopted. The evidence based practices that have been utilized for decades have established better and more efficient methods of delivering healthcare. Of these evidence-based practices, much attention has been directed to improving hospital department efficiencies, to patient safety and care, and to minimizing the spread of nosocomial infections.

As the gap between statistical research and design outcomes has narrowed, Evidence Based Design (EBD) has become deeply rooted in design practice. It has become apparent that there is indeed a direct connection between a hospital environment and a patients’ perception of the quality of care they received. This connection is also true for the staff of a hospital, where the physical environment directly correlates to employee satisfaction, productivity and stress levels. 

MMP Architects is one of the first architectural firms to embrace the practice of Evidence Based Design. Our firm currently has the first long term care facility registered with the Pebble Project, a project of the Centre of Health Design (CHD). The CHD brings a body of research to health care facilities to assist them in better understanding how design decisions being made in the building or renovation process can support the expected outcomes of health care practice. It is through this commitment in research including bi monthly webinars on a specific EBD topic that MMP will continue to strive to remain on the leading edge of healthcare design.

List of Projects

  • Active Wellness Evolution Roblin Boulevard Clinic
  • A.W.E. Primary Care Centre and Wellness Centre
    Arborg Hospital
         Hospital Addition
         Interior Design
  • Ashern Hospital
         Lakeshore Health Centre
         Interior Design
  • Birth Centre
         Manitoba Health, WRHA & Women's Health Clinic
  • Boissevain Health Centre
         Oxygen Cylinder Enclosure
  • Cartwright Hospital and Care Facility
  • Children's Hospital West Wing
  • Concordia Hospital Hip and Knee Institute
  • Crystal City
         Crystal City Hospital
         Crystal City Hospital Addition (Engineering)
  • Deer Lodge Centre
         OSI Clinic Renovation
         PRIME Centre
         Centre for Aging Research
         Lab and Communicable Diseases Renovation
  • Eriksdale
         Elizabeth Crowe Hospital
         Lakeshore Health Centre
         Elizabeth Crowe Hospital (Interior Design)
  • Flin Flon General Hospital
         3rd Floor Renovations
         Air Conditioning
         Laboratory Renovation
         30 bed Extended Care Unit
         Laundry Room
  • Gladstone Hospital, Addition and Renovations
  • Hamoita Hospital, Renovations
  • Health Sciences Centre
         Burn Care Unit Renovation
         Cast Clinic and Internal Medicine Clinic
         Endoscopy Renovation
         Pediatric Ophthalmology Clinic Renovation
         Psyche Health Seclusion Room
         Surgery Residents On-Call
         Pathology Renovations
         Rehab Hospital
         Pharmacy Renovations
         CADHAM Lab Building Feasibility Study
         Children's Centre Renovations
         Children's Lab Area Renovations
         Community Services Building Renovations
         Emergengy Department Renovations
         Nurses Residence Photography Lab
         Nurses Residence Renovations
         Women's Division Renovations
         Cancer Centre Cobalt Unit Replacement
         Cancer Centre Linear Accelerator
         Pathology Renovations
         Rehab Hospital Pharmacy Renovations
  • Hunter Memorial Hospital
  • Killarney District Hospital
  • Lorimar Enterprises Dental Clinic
  • Lynn Lake Medical Clinic
  • McVicar Physiotherapy Clinic, Interior Design
  • Millwoods General Hospital
         Morden District General Hospital
         Fire System Upgrades
         Lab Addition
         Physiotherapy Facilities Relocation
         Staff Facility Relocation
         Main Floor Air Conditioning
  • Neepawa Hospital
         Lab Renovations
         Emergency Room Renovations
  • Oblate Sisters, Infirmary Building Addition
  •  Pembina Medical Clinic, Structural Design
  • Percy E. Moore Hospital
  • Pine Falls Hospital, Renovations
  • Rivergrove Medical Clinic
  • Rehabilitation Hospital, Physiotherapy Addition
  • Roblin Hospital and Care Facility
  • Roblin Medical Clinic
  • Saint Anthony's General Hospital
         Fire System Upgrades
         Nurses Residence
  • Sanatorium Board
         Ninette Sanatorium Re-Roofing
  • Selkirk Mental Hospital
         "B" Wing Fire Upgrades and Renovation
  • Selkirk Medical Clinic Renovation
  • Seven Region Health Centre
         Addition and Renovation
         Alterations for PACS applications
  • Shoal Lake Hospital
         Building Addition
         Fire Systems Upgrades
  • Snow Lake Medical Centre
  • South Eastman Health Association
         Bethesda Tub Room
  • Stonewall Hospital
         Emergency Operating Room
         Nurses Station
  • Stony Mountain Medical Clinic, Building Addition
  • Victoria General Hospital
         Minimally Invasive Surgical Suites
         Second Floor Renovations
         Fire Plan Study and Fire Separation Study
  • Virden Hospital, Renovations
  • Whitemouth Hospital, Fire System Upgrade
  • Winnipeg Clinic, Expansion
  • Winnipeg General Hospital
         A.V. Johnson Park
         Alterations and Addtion to Laundry Services Building
         Ambulant Patient Care
         Deionizer for Dialysis Unit
         "G" Wing Sterilizers
         "H" Wing Hydrotherapy Bath
         Power House
         South Extension of "H" Wing and 9th Floor
         "C" Wing Feasibility Study Renovations
  • WRHA Crisis Stabilization Unit
  • WRHA Norwest Access Centre