Neil Laurel, Senior Technologist

Neil focuses on the technical aspects of building design by producing a quality set of construction drawings with the integration of combined efforts from the architectural team and consultant teams. He believes in open communication and properly coordinating the building components in order to provide transparent and understandable drawings. Neil’s focus on the details is also translated into the contract administration stage, coordinating with the contractor with regards to all the details provided in the drawings and ensuring high quality of construction is achieved.

Neil received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture Degree at Mapua Institute of Technology in Manila, Philippines. Before migrating to Canada in 1998, he practiced architecture for 7 years in many Southeast Asian cities, such as Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines.

Throughout his time at MMP Architects, Neil has been involved in various projects such as high rise condominiums and apartments, shopping malls, health care facilities, government projects, and other interior renovation and alteration of various buildings.


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